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Trinity has members involved in many aspects of this community. As example, the congregation regularly contributes food to the White Plains Food Pantry. Some members also volunteer on distribution days. A member  spearheads t­­he ventures to New York City on “Mid-night Runs”. It is a program to bring homeless New Yorkers food, clothing and have dialogue with them. Both youth and adults come back touched by those they met. Our members look for new ways to be relevant in this community. Trinity is also helping the food insecurity needs of our community members struggling because of the pandemic. The generosity and assistance of the Lutheran Trivant Fund in growing fresh vegetables for the Emunical Church. These fresh vegetables makes a difference in the lives of many.   ” That “shared ministry” challenges individuals to discern his or her gifts and how each can serve God in “our little corner of the world.”

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Due to Covid, we are meeting via Zoom. Join us on Sundays for Worship and Fellowship at 10:30am. Please message us on Facebook or email us for the link. If you miss the live service, you can still view it on our Facebook page. All are welcome!

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TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH is a Christ-centered, joy-filled community that is blessed by your presence. Be assured that no matter who you are or where you are in your journey of faith, you are welcome here.

Sunday Worship is at 10:30am, followed by Fellowship Hour.

Sunday School students attend the early part of the service with their families, join Pastor at the Altar for a special sermon, and then go to our classroom. Ages 4 and up.

Church Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am-12pm or by appointment

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